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Why Residential Epoxy Flooring Is Becoming More Popular

Typically used in industrial settings due to their ability to withstand heavy foot and machinery traffic, epoxy floors are also becoming more popular for residential homes.

This type of flooring is incredibly durable and beautiful. It’s easy to clean and is resistant to stains. However, it does have some drawbacks that should be considered. See our home page.


Epoxy flooring is becoming more popular in homes because it offers a visually stunning alternative to traditional flooring. The range of patterns and customization options available with epoxy floors is truly remarkable. You can have your floor resemble natural materials like marble, granite, and wood or even come up with unique designs that speak to your individual personality.

Aside from the aesthetics, epoxy floors are also incredibly durable and can withstand most spills and chemicals without a problem. They’re also easy to clean, and there’s no need for special cleaners.

You can also choose from flake and chip systems that scatter decorative flakes on top of the epoxy for a speckled effect. These flakes are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, making them perfect for creating a personalized look. Some homeowners even use this type of flooring in their garage or basement to create a fun, eye-catching design. These types of floors can also help prevent slips and falls.


Known for its durability, epoxy is a popular flooring material that can withstand heavy machinery and equipment as well as chemicals like oil, gas, and bleach. It is very sturdy, and it takes a lot of serious projectiles or sharp objects to damage an epoxy floor.

Another benefit of epoxy floors is that they are extremely sanitary and can eliminate cracks and crevices where bacteria can hide and multiply. This feature is what makes them ideal for places where a high level of cleanliness is required, such as food plants and healthcare facilities.

In addition, it is very easy to maintain an epoxy floor. Regular sweeping and mopping are usually all it takes to keep your floor looking good, and spills or stains are quickly cleaned up before they can cause permanent damage. This is a big advantage over other flooring materials such as carpeting, which can easily trap dust and debris. Moreover, you can get creative with your floors and have them imprinted with logos or messages for an extra touch of personality.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy is not only resistant to stains, but it’s easy to wipe down and clean. It also resists spills and chemical damage.

Epoxies can be cleaned with mild dishwashing liquid or a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner like Simple Green. Acidic solutions should be avoided on epoxy floors, as these can cause chemical reactions that discolor the floor.

If the floor is heavily used, a walk-off mat can help protect it from damage by catching sand and dirt that might otherwise be tracked onto the epoxy. It is also a good idea to place soft pads under motorcycle and bicycle kickstands, and car tires to prevent scratches.

Oil and strong chemicals (such as engine oil) left on an epoxy floor for too long can damage the surface, so it’s important to clean any chemical spills immediately. It’s also a good idea to keep a neutralizing solution, such as vinegar, in the garage so that chemicals can be quickly and safely washed away before they can damage the epoxy floor coating.

Low Maintenance

The tough coating of epoxy floors is resistant to just about anything that could be spilled on it. Petrol, diesel, bleach, transmission oil, cleansing materials – they all are no match for the hard shell of an epoxy floor. This durability and resistance to chemicals make them a popular choice for industrial environments and especially automotive or engineering facilities.

Home epoxy floors are under far less stress than their commercial counterparts, and they can be expected to last 20 years or more. The only care that they require is a sweep, vacuum, and mop every other month with a mix of neutral-based cleaning agents and warm water. Acidic or corrosive cleaners should be avoided at all costs as they will damage the surface of an epoxy floor.

Epoxy flooring provides a stylish, unique look to any space and can help enhance the aesthetic of your home. The wide selection of color choices and patterns ensures that your floors will be a perfect fit for any room in the house. Check out this interesting post!

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